Rescue Fundraisers

The needs of English Cocker Spaniel Rescue never end. While our actual rescues have slowed from this time last year, the costs continue to support the medical and often transportation costs of dogs that do come into our rescue efforts. We have also found it important to support some long-time rescues that will live out their lives with the volunteers who love them.















One-of-a-Kind Glass Piece

This raffle will run through April 15th.

Framed in wood measuring 14” x 16” with a chain hanger attached to the frame for hanging. Deb Allman in memory of her Kendra English Cockers generously donated this piece for RESCUE. Bobbye Hudspeth whose kennel was Cedarbrook included some of her own dogs in creating this original “stained glass” piece. The Black and White was a Wingslade bitch, the orange roan modeled after Bab’s own champion “AJ”.

At one time one could purchase actual “stain” for glass. It was very toxic smelling in the liquid form, and it must have caused some issues because it was subsequently taken off the market. To achieve the look the "leading" a material, much like caulk was squeezed on the glass. The artist created the silhouette of the dog and let it dry. Then, with an eyedropper, the artist carefully put different colors within those lead-like boundaries. It really is "stained glass," but not leaded.

This unique piece is available to one lucky winner of our Virtual Rescue Raffle. Tickets can be purchased via PayPal for $10 each or 3 for $25. The winner will be asked to contribute to the shipping if the piece cannot be delivered at an upcoming show. RESCUE depends entirely upon your donations so thank you for your generous donation!

Order online through PayPal

Number of Tickets


Brody is hard at work on the packing and shipping line for our new rescue totes! These are really nice quality canvas, two tone totes printed with the official rescue logo 18" wide, 15" tall and a 5" depth.

We need order up right away.

$30 includes bag and shipping/handling via Parcel Post.




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