Addison’s Disease/IMHA


We are very pleased to announce the continuation on Research for Addison’s Disease and Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA). Our Chief Researcher, Steven G. Friedenberg, DVM, PhD, DACVEECC, is now at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine in St. Paul, MN. All our DNA samples were transferred from NCS. Our project was temporarily suspended due to Dr. Friedenberg’s relocation to Minnesota. Funds had to be transferred from NCS to University of Minnesota and required a lot of administrative protocols on both ends. Congratulations to Dr. Friedenberg on his new position at University of Minnesota.

We need blood samples from AFFECTED English Cockers for BOTH diseases. We have reached our goal for normal controls (dogs over age 10). Sadly, we only have samples from 9 Affected Addisonian’s and 6 AIHA/IMHA. We need 50 ECS for each disease. Once we reach those goals sequencing and the search for the mutation can begin. The sooner we reach those goals, the sooner the search for the mutation will begin. Each study is independent of the other. However, the same normal controls are being used for both.

If you have an ECS affected with either disease, or know someone with an affected dog, please visit the specific website below for information regarding participation. The ECSCA Health & Rescue Organization will sponsor your participation when you submit a blood sample.  We wel-come participation from European owners as well. You must contact DR. FRIEDENBERG to be pre-approved for participation. Information is on the websites. If you own an ECS that RECOVERED from AIHA/IMHA and have medical records that support diagnosis and recovery, contact Dr. Friedenberg.

University of Minnesota – IMHA
University of Minnesota – Addison’s Disease

We need your support! The process is very simple and will require a few minutes of your time and no money from you. BEST of ALL…you’re helping to ensure a healthier future for this wonderful breed.

Should you have any questions about the Research please don’t hesitate to contact me or someone on the Health Committee. Most importantly, Dr. Friedenberg!

Special THANKS to Patty Janzen and Connie Hinton for allowing us to use photos of their special friends!

Addi Pittman, Chairman
Genelle Joseph
Elizabeth Neff
Joyce Winkels
Bruce Barrett DVM

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