General Rescue Information

The English Cocker Spaniel Club of America established its own rescue program in 1989 for the primary purpose of rescuing English Cockers at risk in shelters, other rescues, or from private owners no longer able to keep their dogs. We also counsel owners to see if re-homing can be avoided. Not all dogs can or should be rescued, for example, dogs with serious temperament issues, but we will make every attempt to evaluate each situation individually.

The ECSCA Rescue constantly strives to involve its member breeders, even those that are not active Rescue volunteers. The mere existence of this program increases the awareness of members to continue prudent breeding and selling practices. Rescue is not a punitive endeavor. As a courtesy, member breeders are generally notified if a dog of theirs is in need, solely for the purpose of allowing them to assist in the re-homing of said dog and/or to take full responsibility for the dog’s welfare. However, the dog always is our primary concern.

Any dog that comes into a foster home receives necessary veterinary care, temperament evaluation and whatever rehabilitation may be needed before being placed. Foster care duration can be from a minimum of two weeks to many months. We also make our best efforts to find owners of lost or stray animals that come to our attention.

Veterinary care includes a thorough exam, rabies and distemper (5 way) inoculations (by newest guidelines), parasites check (fecal and heartworm) and neutering if necessary and medically and age appropriate. Dental care is given at the time of neutering or other needed surgical procedure or if there are problems that need immediate attention. Bordatella is given on a case-by-case basis. Any acute or current medical problem is evaluated and treated at least to a stage of stability, if a chronic problem. Microchips are done when possible and registered to the ECSCA, Inc.

Temperament evaluation is done in a general fashion by us as knowledgeable breed fanciers but professional consultation is available to us.

We never re-home dogs for the purposes of or potential for breeding nor do we resell any dog no matter what its pedigree. Therefore, all dogs that come into foster care or that we re-home for private owners will be neutered before placement unless precluded by health, age or other exigent circumstances.

If you are interested in a dog, you must fill out an application form. After the form is received, you will be eligible for an adoption. An interview will be conducted before or when we actually have suitable dog for you. (Those applicants without email are encouraged to keep in touch with the rescue chair and local rescue contacts.) If you have received no feedback from ECSCA rescue after an application or inquiry, please call or email again to make sure it was received.

After a successful interview, we then will check references and arrange for a home visit with as many family members present as possible. If applicant passes this screening, then arrangements for getting the dog will be made.

An adoption contract must be signed prior to release of the dog. To help defray the costs of rescue dog care and to support the rescue program, the following fees apply:

  • Up to 18 months: $500
  • 18 months to 8 years: $400
  • 8 years and up: $250
  • Over 12 years old and/or special needs dogs (deaf, blind, serious medical problem): a donation of $150 is suggested

While Rescue helps to arrange each dog’s transportation, each adopter is responsible for his new dog’s travel expenses, no matter the mode of transportation, even if the adopter chooses to pick the dog up himself. Travel expenses incurred by the adopter are his own responsibility and will not be a reason for lowering and adoption fee.

Rescue and transportation fees are not negotiable.


ECSCA Rescue philosophy is that the adopter is not “paying” for expenses incurred by Rescue for the dog he adopts; he is “paying it forward” to help defray the medical expenses of the next Rescue dog coming into our organization. These expenses are usually considerable. For example, one recent dog’s veterinary expenses were over $2100. With this in mind, adoption fees are very reasonable. You, the adopter, gets a fully vetted dog as no dog is adopted out without being spayed/neutered, vaccinated and any outstanding medical issues addressed. This results in a substantial savings to the adopter.

While we do not ever hope to recoup the money we spend nursing these dogs back to health, we DO need to keep replenishing our Rescue Fund in order to continue helping English Cocker Spaniels that end up in Rescue through no fault of their own. Our funding consists entirely of donations from English Cocker lovers, minimal adoption fees and fund raising events. Not to mention volunteers freely giving their time as well as foster homes who bear the cost of ordinary expenses such as food, grooming, toys and so forth.

Rescue does not EVER come close to breaking even.




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